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Revolutionising the Meditation and Breathwork industry by bridging the gap between spirituality and science.

Empowering individuals, groups, and leaders, to harness the power of mind, body and breath. Enabling them to take ownership of their own individual wellness journey with ease.

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Become a Laura Rowe Academy of Wellness certified Instructor in Meditation and Breathwork.

With three level certifications in ALIGN programs, you can start to grow your business with calmness, confidence and creativity from today.


The Meditation Movement Mindset membership is essentially the gym membership for your mind. Cultivating healthy stress management techniques for both your physical and mental wellness, whilst inspiring, educating and motivating you towards a happier and healthier lifestyle.


Using the Laura Rowe Academy of Wellness proven fusion method, you can expect a combination of Paranayama Yogic Breathwork, mindful intention, easy & intuitive Meditations, and guided Yoga Nidra relaxations. All against a backdrop of chilled Ibizan anthems and the highest ceremonial grade essential oils.


This is your chance to fully immerse yourself within these life changing experience. Align Lifestyle invites you to recharge and reset at your own pace.

Learning tools to dissolve anger, fear, anxious thoughts and limiting beliefs, whilst surrounded by like-minded souls, in a calm environment, will re-ignite your beliefs, so that you can live a life filled with abundance.


Private access to an exclusive members area where you will find Yoga, Meditation, Guided Relaxations, Breathwork, and so much more.

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Pre-recorded self-study programs, designed to hold you when needed and lift you higher when you are ready.

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Learn techniques, practices, and theory behind Vedic Meditation and Yogic Paranayama Breathwork to become a certified Laura Rowe Academy of Wellness Practitioner.

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Align, with Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Positive Mindset Workshops, Reiki, and so much more. Or, you can book Laura to facilitate on your own retreat.

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Pop up wellness events, in unique locations, giving you a slice of calm, clarity and connection in a group setting.

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Work with me


Laura Carrier

“I was heavily reliant on medication for my anxiety. Working with Laura gave me the hoistic tools and confidence to stop taking them. I am a completely different person now.”

Angela Kelleher

“Laura’s continued positivity, emotional support and encouragement has really supported me to begin to love and accept myself.”

Rachel Conaghan

“I struggled with my identity and purpose after returning to the UK. Laura has helped me filter out the ‘noise’ so I can focus on my inner passion, vision and goals. This is so freeing.”

Rachel Allen

“I met Laura on a retreat where I did several relaxation, meditation, breathwork, and her very own brand of fusion. I can honestly say it’s been life changing. I and now embrace my emotions and allow myself to ground with it.”

Beverly Hogan

“Highly recommend! When I leave Laura’s sessions my heart is bursting with love and happy thoughts.”

Helen Hunter

“I was blocked and unable to express myself. After just one session Laura taught me there is a safe place to talk. I now go to all her sessions both online and in person, and take the time for me I need.”

Michael Day

“I have a complicated history with injuries, but Laura is amazing at what she does. Creating a bespoke plan for me in a calm and relaxing environment.”



Laura Rowe is a Global Wellness Coach, Certified Facilitator, and Neuroscience Specialist.

She is a Best Selling Author, and Public Speaker, working with stressed out / burnt out Individuals, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders struggling with their health.

Laura Educates and Empowers you to take back control over your Health and Happiness.

Helping you understand the deep connection between brain, body and breath – Using her years of knowledge in both Neurology and Neurosurgery, and Holistic practices, Laura shows you how best to make healing accessible and achievable, in order to live a life free from anguish.

Because after struggling for years with anxiety, burnout, and eventually cancer, Laura learnt the hard way that “if we don’t make time for our Wellness we will be forced to make time for our Illness”.