The Meditation Movement Mindset membership is the gym membership for your mind.

Cultivating healthy stress management techniques for both your physical and mental wellness, whilst inspiring, educating and motivating you towards a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Laura has a down to earth and relatable approach, igniting your belief that these practices can make a difference to EVERY body and EVERY mind.  


 We regularly exercise our bodies, but what about our minds?

Our Meditation Movement Mindset membership offers a broad range of pre-recorded mind and body practices suitable for all abilities.

Designed to meet the needs of your diary, lifestyle, and mindset, on any given day.   


A varied collection of meditation, movement and mindset recordings available for you to access at your leisure.

Ranging from 5 – 60 minutes, complimenting your work-life balance, and allowing YOU to take time out for YOU each day.

Sessions include Yoga, Meditation, Guided Relaxations, EFT, Hypnobirthing, Affirmations, and Breathwork.

Private access to an exclusive members area on the website, where all recordings are uploaded for your convenience.

A monthly themed timetable, including supporting playlists to lift your mood OR hold you in stillness.

Become part of the Meditation Movement Mindset community where we share best practice, whilst educating and supporting one another – including opportunities for course development and Q&A.

Fixed price loyalty membership (your monthly investment will never increase from the price you pay today).

Receive exclusive 10% discount on bespoke 1-1 coaching packages.

No contract. Cancel anytime.

Only £22.22 per month*


Only £22.22*

How many coffees do you buy in a month?

For the price as a few coffees, with change, you can find your clean superpower, no caffeine required, safer, and lasts much longer.


Only £250*

How often do you try to escape?

For the price of one weekend break, where  you try to escape the ‘rat race’ of life, only to return home and it feels like you never left. This membership gives you that continuous ‘vaycay’ feel 365 days of the year, with all the tools to keep you calm, clear minded, and able to take on the world.



“Feeling so blessed to have wellness techniques on demand. I love being able to choose a meditation for the day, and practice yoga anytime that suits me. Thank you for this amazing bank of self love.”


“Having access to this library of support during a stressful time in my life has been the best decision I’ve made for myself and my self care. Thank you Laura.”


“I don’t have to wait for a class. When I need access to your support, you are there. I have been awake at 3am, put on a guided relaxation, instantly relaxed and had the best night’s sleep. This is a gift!”

Jennifer devine

“I’m loving the breathwork in the membership. I’m trying new ones everyday. Thank you so much Laura. I love everything you stand for.”

clare rider

“This is an excellent plaform to do yoga and breathwork from your own home and on the go, from your mobile. I can’t recommend Laura enough.”


What better way to see if this is a great fit, than to join in on Laura’s free micro grounding video.

This way you get a short example of Laura’s teaching style, you can hear her voice ( If you haven’t already met), and you get to move, stretch, and unfold your body.


*Plus 3.4% admin fee. Any Live sessions are uploaded to the members area to catch up on at your convenience. £22.22 per/month or £250 per/annum. No refunds. All sales of this program are full and final. Trust your gut. If you know that committing to self-care is what you need right now then let’s go.