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Discover What Lies Behind Closed Eyes and Open Hearts.

Become a certified Meditation and Breathwork Instructor with Laura Rowe Academy of Wellness.

Join the next eight week Advanced Practitioner certification to learn the science, philosophy, and structure of meditation and breathwork combined.










Whether you are a teacher, coach, leader, or starting your coaching journey, The Academy of Wellness has been designed to expand and elevate your core offering.

Empower and educate your clients to experience self-healing, nervous system regulation, and a greater ability to support their individual wellness journey with ease, through Meditation and Breathwork, using Laura’s proven fusion techniques and accessible style of teaching.

During our six weeks* together, you will learn the science, philosophy, and structure of meditation and breathwork sessions.

 Expanding awareness and cultivating a deeper connection to self.

You will learn the techniques, practices, and theory behind vedic meditation and yogic paranayama breathwork combined. Becoming a walking testimonial for these transformational modalities, while equipping yourself with the education to teach one-to-one, group, and virtual settings.

This is more than a certification program. This is a container for you to commit to yourself over six weeks*, to learn the skills to create life changing results in all areas of your life.

By the end of the six weeks* you will have a real understanding of how Meditation and Breathwork hold transformational power for healing, growth, and personal success. While confidently being able to hold space for others to discover the same.

Become a Academy of Wellness certified Instructor in Meditation and Breathwork, with three level certifications in ALIGN programs, and start to grow your business with ciarity, confidence and creativity.

These courses we help you create the successful, mindful business that you have always wanted.

Three levels of certification. Three options to support your learning.

Independent Learning

Learn at your own pace, in your own space.

With online learning for the Level One and Level Two courses, you can follow this in your own time at your own speed.

Group Learning

All of the benefits of Independent Learning, with an added bonus of community, when choosing Level three.

Find your people with access to the shared experience of other participants.

Advanced Learning

Master your skills through Live access to Laura with Level Three group coching and Q&A.

Intergration and assesment in a protected space of learning.

Meet Laura

Laura is a Global Wellness Coach, and Neuroscience Specialist, spending the last six years solely focusing her expertise withinin the wellness space.

During this time, Laura has become increasingly aware of the gap in accessibile spirituality.

So The Academy of Wellness was created.

Laura combines over ten years experience in neuroscience and twenty years of experience in holistic practie to help bridge that gap between spirituality and science, with the aim of making the endless health benefits of Meditation and Breathwork more accessible and achievable for all.

Laura embodies these practices and knows first hand of their transformational power.

It’s this embodiment that is the golden tread weaving through the teachings of these life-changing programs. Makes this certification stand out from the rest.

Laura is the pioneer of the ALIGN Fusion Method, with a dedicated Academy teaching Practitioners the methodology, science, philosophy, and structure of fusion.

Fully accredited with International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM), “we are revolutionising the wellness industry by modernising these modalities to better suit our 21st century, busy lifestyles.”


Empowerment is learnt. Expansion comes through knowledge. Embodiment is through your practice.

We have a full range of courses for your continued professional development.

Sign up to be first in line to hear more. Close your eyes, open your heart and feel the flow of energy with The ALGN Fusion Methodology, and become a fully qualified practitioner with

Laura Rowe Academy of Wellness.

*eight week certification is for Level Three Advanced Practitioner certification only.